Reflections: Zoltan Markus (Vassar College)

The two main programs of our project proved to be both inspiring and useful for my work.  The RSC productions—even when falling short—called attention to some important trends and challenges of professionally staging… Continue reading

21st Century Shakespeare, Q&A: Don Foster (Vassar College)

Q.  Mark Twain, in 1909:  “Is Shakespeare dead?” Q.  Simon and Garfunkel, in 1966:  “Is the theater really dead? Q.  The Chronicle of Higher Education, in 2011:  “Higher Education: Dead Duck?” A. Twenty-First… Continue reading

RSC on Stage: Dan Brayton (Middlebury College)

I had the opportunity to join the 21st Shakespeares group in New York last summer, in early August, and saw five plays at the Park Avenue Armory Theater. While the productions themselves were… Continue reading

Shakespeare and Secondary Education: Amy Hayes (DePauw University)

As an actor and acting teacher, I have long been fascinated with the capacity of Shakespeare’s plays to capture imaginations and experiences and to articulate for contemporary audiences thoughts and feelings hitherto unspoken… Continue reading

Shakespeare as Event: Denise Walen (Vassar College)

The 21st Century Shakespeare project will greatly benefit my own teaching of Shakespeare at Vassar College this fall and will also benefit my current scholarship. The opportunity to see the Royal Shakespeare Company… Continue reading

Teaching Shakespeare: James Berg (Middlebury College)

I believe that the 21st Century Shakespeare project will have a beneficial effect on my pedagogy next year, when I will be teaching both my first year seminar, “Shakespeare’s Characters,” and a general… Continue reading

Making Shakespeare Relevant (Andrew Hayes)

As an artist/academic and lover of Shakespeare my perpetual goal and challenge is to make Shakespeare relevant to my audiences and students.  It is a wonderful thing to discover there are like-minded individuals… Continue reading

Teaching and Staging Shakespeare (Maegan Azar)

Being a part of the 21st Century Shakespeare Mellon Foundation Initiative has had a transformative impact on my role as a faculty member at Furman University. After viewing the Royal Shakespeare Company Armory… Continue reading

Variants: Jeff Groves (Harvey Mudd College)

As someone who began teaching Shakespeare through performance in the twentieth century, the Twenty-First-Century Shakespeare project both confirmed my belief in my long-practiced pedagogy and opened up a number of new pedagogical and… Continue reading

Visualizing Shakespearan Networks

Check out Anupam Basu’s beautiful visualizations of network relations in the Shakespearean corpus. There are some interesting issues raised by the methodology, which assumes following a speaker is evidence of response. Despite this,… Continue reading